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The Recent History of Methodism in Fairfield.
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"To the here and now" 2017.

Toward 2000. The Fairfield Project

One of the biggest changes for the Fairfield area started in 1996 when one of our local preachers started training for the Methodist Ministry. During her training she became more aware that fulfilling God's will was not just by being an ordained minister but being one to involve herself in the Fairfield Estate . So, at the end of her training she was appointed minister in charge of "The Fairfield Project". Things did not exactly work out as envisaged but God's will led another local preacher Margaret Crawshaw going into the Ministry and during her 2 years up to September 05 she greatly contributed to the life of the Church and also to the Anglican Church St Peter's which was without a vicar for a considerable period.

During early 2004 it became obvious that after only 19 years we would have to replace the roof of our Church. Various fund raising events were organised including concerts and sponsored events and with the promise of matched funding from the Circuit we set about planning to replace the roof and improve the ceiling and lights in the church and foyer.

By February 2005 the project was completed with a new roof on and the ceiling and lighting also completed . We raised all the money to pay for the work and the Church was by May 2005 back to its original condition.

In September 2005 our Circuit welcomed Rev Colin Smith as the new Circuit Superintendent. As the only full time minister Colin had some part time help dedicated to Fairfield area. It was possible thanks to this extra support to convince the District that Fairfield and its estate justified having a Methodist Deacon full time .

On 1st September 2009 we welcomed Deacon Janet Heys to the Circuit especially around the Fairfield Estate. Janet gave resolute service until her transfer to Bordon, Hampshire in September 2014 and she was not replaced .

In December 2010 to make our Church more energy efficient we installed a new gas heating boiler.

Our minister Rev Andrew Parker who came to our Circuit in 2012 now covers seven churches alone. It is an unfortunate situation but one that is finance driven.

By March 2016 Fairfield has two weekly events "New Beginnings " draws in older people for social purposes and "Comfortable With Computers". We still have a monthly “Pilgrim Group” which runs between April and December.

Our Mission is towards older people which fits with the age of our membership.

Our two new weekly groups are thriving and our "Comfortable with Computers" ( CWC for short ) is attracting a lot of attention both local and national. CWC is providing a need which is bringing people into Church who say they only go to Church for funerals. For more details see our "Computers" link above.

August 16. The "Comfortable With Computers" computer group have ceased meeting as the project comes to an end but the members of CWC still keep in touch and the organisers still provide ad hoc support. The meeting is much missed by many for the social interaction it provided.

December 16. The Pilgrim Group which has met monthly between April and December for about the last 25 years or so comes to an end. The reasons being the difficulty in getting speakers and the reduced numbers of people attending. This leaves our Church with just "New Beginnings" as the only week day activity.

2017. Note the assistance we are still providing to help people to safely use computers is continuing. We have also added to that a willingness to build websites for people or groups. The main difference is that We do not charge for our time. More details go to

We are still working hard to maintain the gospel of God's love in Christ. Our membership now 19 soon to reduce to 17 and with a very high age profile does what it can. Unfortunately while our regular groups bring people into the Church in good numbers it is not to Worship.

With the shortage of ordained and local preachers our Church needs to do more for itself than it previously has with the lowest numbers of members it has ever had. This challenge is one we hope to meet.


Fairfield Methodist Church, Fairfield Road, Buxton SK17 7DU in the High Peak Partnership and Manchester & Stockport District of the Methodist Church of GB.