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We have a Johannus ‘Opus 220’ computer organ which you can see above with Audrey & John our organists.

The Johannus is a versatile instrument with Great and Swell manuals, a full range foot pedal board and inbuilt robust speakers, comprising a wide range of tab stops and appropriate couplers. The organ produces beautiful soft flute and reed voicing with a good mix of diapasons and is equipped with a deliciously lilting tremulant but is fully capable of leading the singing when the church is full.

It possesses a delightful ‘Cathedral’ stop which enables a reverberation so effective that the resulting acoustic is that of a much larger building. The instrument requires little maintenance and never needs tuning which handsomely benefits church resources.

Of additional interest to organists is slight key pressure which means that whether playing with only a few tabs or many tabs selected and coupled, the organ is light and easy to play requiring minimal physical effort on the part of the organist.

This is appreciated by the church’s current accomplished organists Audrey & John who between them have many decades of providing music for church services, weddings and funerals.

The Johannus is a forerunner of the present day digital pipeless organ which produce sound indistinguishable from that of pipe instruments and are becoming increasingly installed in churches large and small, concert halls and even cathedrals for use when their large pipe instruments are being tuned or overhauled.

Maybe one of these wonderful instruments will eventually find their way into our Church.

Hymn Books

Yes we actually do use hymn books. Not because we have anything against technology as we are a "Developing technology Church" but because we want to. We use Hymns & Psalms and Mission Praise. 

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Fairfield Methodist Church, Fairfield Road, Buxton SK17 7DU in the High Peak Partnership and Manchester & Stockport District of the Methodist Church of GB.